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Can we see the act beforehand?

All our acts are working musicians, and as such their performances are usually at private events. We have tried to provide a live music video of each artist performing live on their page for you to view before making your final choice. However, Chelsey of Red Hat Entertainment runs a jam night that many of the musicians attend, so you may be able to catch them there one night. Contact us for more information, or visit www.musicmarmalade.co.uk

We’ve found the act we want, how do we go about booking them?

On the artist's profile page, there is a booking form for you to fill out with a basic outline of your event (i.e event date, contact info). Once we have received the completed form, we will then check the acts availability, and supply a total booking fee. If you are happy to go ahead, we will then start the booking process.

Or just contact us via info@redhatentertainment.com

How can we contact you?

Our contact info is listed on the “contact us” page. We strive to get back to every email within 24hrs, and if you choose to ring the contact number provided, should we not pick up we will try to call you back the same day.

I can’t find the act that’s right for me?

If you can’t find an act that suits your need, just get in touch with us as we have many contacts and would be able to create a bespoke band for any event. If you give us a call or email, and let us know all the necessary info we can tailor an act to suit all your needs.

Can I speak to the act before the event?

Once the contracts that we send out have been received from both parties, we will introduce all parties via an email one month before the event. Up to that point we will act as a mediator between client and artist.

Can I do karaoke or sing with the band?

As mentioned in our T&C’s, the artist's are working musicians. Their equipment is expensive, fragile, and is necessary for their livelihood, and as such you should not expect the band to let you use their equipment, unless agreed in writing prior to the event.

Can I choose the songs the band plays?

Our artists have a wide and varied experience with live events, and as such have a large repertoire. Once we have introduced everyone via email, then the artist’s set list can be refined to suit your event. The artist’s are willing to learn up to 3 extra songs on top of what they already know, and there is a song list on their profile page which should give you an idea of their repertoire.

How much time do the band need to set up?

Usually for a whole band to set up, this would take between 60-90mins, but it is all dependant on the size of the venue/performance area, and should there be any other special requests this may affect the setup time.

Do the musicians require food and drink?

We ask that you provide the artists with one hot meal per person, and a supply of mineral water and/or soft drinks.